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Vehicle Tracking

Kurt Kesler & Associates provides a comprehensive program for tracking of both personal, UCC and industrial equipment and vehicles, and can place forced order insurance if requested. The program is specifically designed to protect both borrowers and Banks against financial loss resulting from damage or destruction.

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Vehicle Products

CPI - Collateral Protection Insurance

Kurt Kesler & Associates assists lenders in protecting their entire loan portfolio, including vehicle, boat, real estate and equipment loans, by utilizing a sophisticated, yet flexible, tracking system.

The Collateral Protection Insurance program from Kurt Kesler & Associates offers lenders the ability to customize their coverages. Lenders may also have customized reports and notices to meet the specific needs of a particular lending institution.

Kurt Kesler & Associates has a long history of providing on-going, on-site, product support and training. Our highly trained, professional staff is available to answer insurance questions. In an effort to further serve our lenders, claims are adjusted in-house in order that the processing can be fast and fair.


GAP - Guaranteed Auto Protection

The GAP Program from Kurt Kesler & Associates helps both borrower and lender in the event a vehicle is stolen or totaled. It will pay off the deficiency between the insurance settlement and the Actual Cash Value (ACV) and will also reimburse the borrower for their insurance deductible.

Depending on the GAP product chosen, monies can be available to put towards the down payment of a replacement vehicle. As with our other products, Kurt Kesler & Associates is committed to serving our lenders in several ways.


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