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Insurance Tracking

Kurt Kesler & Associates provides a comprehensive program for tracking of personal, real estate and vehicles policies. Our user-friendly, custom-designed tracking software feature the latest technologies while allowing private, secure access. You can view policy information, request changes and updates, as well as download copies of policies in PDF format.

KKA insurance Tracking enables you to easily view your loan insurance all in one place, keeping you in compliance and enabling you to domore without worry. We help reduce risk and avoid exposure to losses from claims.

Insurance Tracking

Kurt Kesler & Associates can monitor insurance for a variety of collaterals.
• Residential and Commercial Real Estate
• UCC/Equipment Loans
• Collaterals in Flood Zones
• Vehicle Loans
• Liability Insurance
• Course of Construction
• Workers Compensation
• OREO Collaterals
• Monitor up to 100+ collaterals per loan


Benefits of Insurance Tracking

Kurt Kesler & Associates insurance tracking services provides lenders with several benefits.
• Automatic coverage over entire loan portfolio
• User friendly website allows lenders to view all of their policies online
• Call to confirm renewals on every policy in the lenders portfolio annually


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