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Personal Coverages

In the event of an accidental death, our AD&D insurance will pay benefits in addition to any life insurance held by the client. This is called double indemnity coverage and is often available even when accidental death insurance is merely an add-on to a regular life insurance plan.
Accidental death insurance is not an investment vehicle and thus clients are paying only for sustained protection. Most policies have to be renewed periodically, although the client's consent with renewal is often implicitly assumed.

Credit Life and Credit Disability Program to Banks. These programs are customer paid products that insure consumer loans in the event of death or disability.

Insurance Tracking
Kurt Kesler & Associates can monitor insurance for a variety of collaterals. MORE.

Debt Cancellation

Kurt Kesler & Associates offers Debt Cancellation to all types and sizes of lending institutions.

Debt Cancellation is a modification of loan terms granted by the lender for certain pre-defined events such as death, disability, unemployment, hospital stays and an unpaid family leave. Debt Cancellation is distinguished from traditional Credit Insurance in that it is a two party program directly between the lender and the carrier providing coverage. This program will enhance your lending program, provide additional stability even in a down turning market, and add additional fee income.

Kurt Kesler & Associates assists a lender in developing an appropriate program as well supporting the implementation of such a program. Lenders avail themselves with training, coordination with data processor, technology and additional assistance from the insurance company.

Included in the training portion will be live training, conference call or web sessions with loan officers to learn the product and make them more comfortable in offering such a program. Additional training to handle claims for this type of coverage is provided.

This product can be offered to virtually all of your loans including consumer; both open and closed end, first mortgages, second mortgages, HELOC’s, revolving credit, credit cards and other credit products.

This is a fee type product offering compensation to the lenders for contracts sold to borrowers.


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